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Riverside's Night Market

Your Villa Magazine - October November 2016

Riverside Farmer’s Markets

Connie Ransom & Charlotte Mckenzie

We have always enjoyed going to the local farmer’s markets to shop for fresh, local produce and products. Supporting local farmers and artisans is important to us. Riverside has a number of Farmer’s markets during the week. There is a Friday morning market in Arlington center, a Saturday downtown market, and a Sunday morning market at Tyler Galleria to name a few. But now, there is a new market in town, the Friday Night Magnolia Center Marketplace. In keeping with its namesake, this new market offers a unique TGIF twist to the standard farmer’s market. There are produce vendors there to be sure, but you can also find local artisan and craft vendors, as well as live music. It has become a popular place to hang out and relax on Friday nights. The location is conveniently located on Sunnyside Drive between the Riverside Plaza and Magnolia Avenue. Friday night regular Ralph Torres, who records the “Hey Riverside” podcast, and works to keep the music local at the market, loves the fact that the market features local vendors. “Sunset at the Magnolia Center Marketplace recalls the best of times in the neighborhood. Like moonlight sales at the old Plaza or Sage’s, this new Friday evening attraction brings out the community for in-person socializing and commerce.” The hope of the market attendees, and the originators of the market, Rico and Rheiana Alderette who own the nearby Riverside-based store MADE. Their vision is to provide more venues for local artists to easily sell their goods. Photography provided by: Michael J. Elderman Photography

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